How to Edit and Delete Customer Returns in MYOB?

03 Oct

Before you start creating an invoice you need to set up customers and items anytime either by using ‘Contacts’ menu or ‘Items’ list link. You can use options of ‘Add customer’ and ‘Add Item’. What all included in goods returned in MYOB Essentials, services not received or used or the credits offered for the invoice over payments.

How to edit a customer return in MYOB?

Through the Invoices page, you can double-click on the returns to open them.

  • Click on ‘Invoices’ from the ‘Sales’ menu.
  • You can show customers returns as well as credits by filtering the list by Returns within the invoices list.
  • The return which you want to edit click on it. You will see the ‘Edit customer return’ page appearing on the
    screen displaying the return information.
  • You can make any alterations in the return.
  • To:
  1. Without sending the copy to customer save the changes made by clicking on Save. Invoice page will be displayed again.
  2. Click on ‘Email to customer’ after saving the changes made.
  3. Once you have saved the changes, print the return by tapping on ‘Print’.

How to remove customer return?

  • Click on ‘Invoices’ from the ‘Sales’ menu.
  • By filtering the list through ‘Returns’ you can display the customer returns as well as credits in the Invoices
  • Select on the ‘Return’ which you want to remove. You can see all the details on appearing ‘Edit customer return’ page.
  • Tap on ‘Delete’ button. You will see confirmation messages displayed.
  • For removing the invoice click on ‘Yes’. You will see ‘Invoices’ page appearing again. 

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